Why Should You Choose Amrutvel Vyasanmukti Kendra Rehabilitation Center In Gurgaon?

How can addiction harm your life?

Addiction can be of diverse types, and each one of those can be very crippling. Addiction can fully take over your life, displace you from it, and cause tribulations for you and the people around you.


Why Do You Need Us?

People often get confused that rehabilitation centres in Mumbai only treat addicts of drugs and alcohol. However the Best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai offers a complete range of services in treating other neuro psychological issues.

If you find yourself struggling with symptoms of mental illness, Jagruti rehab centre in Mumbai is what you need! Patients suffering from the following disorders can seek help with us:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • OCD
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • We have intensive compassionate team for dealing with de addiction as well. A process of detox and therapy including medicines is made available for result oriented treatment.

NOTE: For treating mental issues, and substance use we have two different treatment plans.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Custom treatment: No one shoe can fit all the feet, therefore Jagruti Rehab Centre offers tailor made solutions to your addiction or other Neuro-Psychological issues.
  • Family oriented: We incorporate the family members, if required, in the rehab process. This gives a personal touch to the journey, and trains the external environment of the patient as to how to deal with the patient after rehab.
  • Daily assistance: Everyday track record of the patience is maintained to trace development. Regular updates are also sent to the family.
  • Holistic approach: Methods of art, yoga, meditation and other entertainment activities are used at rehab centers in Mumbai to treats the patient from within.
  • Psychotherapy Unit : We have Separate Psychotherapy unit with expert Psychologist to do psychological, cognitive and behavioural therapies and testing. We also run 12-step de-addiction program
  • Experienced team: Expert panel of doctors, Nurses, Psychologist and Social workers have been providing psychiatric, dementia, de-addiction treatments for more than 16 years.
  • 24*7 availability: Doctors, nurses, attendants are available 24/7 so that each patient gets 360 degree of attention and the necessary treatment.


Why is Rehabilitation necessary?

Rehabilitation becomes necessary when a person loses their way and needs to be redirected back to the right road. After therapy, an individual must learn to live a life free of addiction. Although the road to sobriety might be arduous, professional therapy can assist an individual in achieving that goal. Amrutvel Vyasanmukti Kendra is a rehabilitation center in Gurgaon, India aims to change drug-seeking habits, teach new coping methods, and conduct vital relapse prevention techniques. The educated professionals at Amrutvel Vyasanmukti Kendra Rehabilitation Centre have the necessary skillset and approach to devise the ideal de-addiction strategy as it is the best Luxury rehab center in Gurgaon.

A positive attitude and good habits in an addict's everyday routine are part of the spirit of a healthy and productive rehabilitation process. It declines the chances of repetition to a bare minimum. All the details are made available at our rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, India. The activities and programmes are done in rehab. Clients develop positive habits that will eventually help them stay free in Amrutvel Vyasanmukti Kendra Addiction treatment Centre.

What Makes Amrutvel Vyasanmukti Kendra Rehab Centre Special?

The environment at our Addiction rehab centre in Gurgaon is consistent and constantly supervised. As a result, an addict will keep away from any items that can trigger addictive behaviour and eventually eliminate such triggers. We have added counselling and guiding treatment to our patients as a newer and more successful approach to addiction. Several therapies and counselling are also on the list at our Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon to cater to emotional and mental well-being.

Also, we have qualified medical professionals making our centre one of the rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, India. We've put together a team of approvingly skilled medical professionals. These medical specialists are highly trained and competent to treat severe and debilitating diseases, regain complete control of a patient's mind, and break addiction habits. We've devised a highly effective strategy that has proven to be effective. Each patient receives a customised treatment plan to provide the best potential outcome. Clients receive comprehensive treatment and training, including occupational, vocational, and physical therapy, depending on their individual needs. The team meets every requirement at our rehab center in Gurgaon, and each person enrolled in their centre is given special attention. Your rehabilitation process will be more accessible due to your continued cooperation and assurance.